Jessica Andrade vs Rose Namajunas: Kickoff time, preview, who will win?

In the UFC Fight, Jessica Andrade is ready to defend his Woman Strawweight title against competitor Rose Namajunas at 249 UFC. This match is scheduled to take place as a co-main PPV card for Women Strawweight bout. Andrade has a record of 20-7 in his MMA career and a record of 5-0 while participating in the UFC. Namajunas has a record of 8-4 in MMA and UFC record. This fight will be the co-main event of the card.

What time is Andrade vs Rose Namajunas start?

UFC 249 co-main PPV event between Andrade vs. Namajunas approximately start at 10:30 pm ET on Saturday in Barclays Center, NY.

There has been talking of this fight since October. At this time there has been some social media talk between the two fighters looking forward to going against the other in the octagon. UFC later confirmed that a match would be set. The woman has been respectful towards each other but they both want the title. The interesting thing about this match is that Andrade stated that he wanted to face Namajunas. He was able to select his opponent and he chooses Namajunas out of all the other fighters in his weight class and the UFC.

Why Jessica Andrade will beat Rose Namajunas

Many feel that Jessica Andrade will win this fight due to his past straight undefeated records in both MMA and the UFC. Rose Namajunas has been a tough competition to other fighters and Andrade wants to show the crowd that he can be the one to dominate him in the Barclays Center. Andrade is in great shape and has shown that he has the stamina to go the distance. He has the conditioning, the training, the power, and the accuracy of his strikes to conquer other fighters and many say this will be the same case with Rose Namajunas.

Does Rose Namajunas has a chance as the underdog

Namajunas is not someone that should be overlooked in the UFC 249. While he may have been defeated before it was not easy for the fighter he was faced against. He lost the fight due to dropped decisions. He was not knocked out and has been training hard for the fight. He plans on going the distance and has been working on a plan to kick his competition out. If one little mistake is made Namajunas plans on attacking and winning the fight. He is looking for his shot and is confident since the champion asked to fight him. He is looking to show that he is a tough underdog or not. He has been training for months and cannot wait to show off his knock out move. He is enjoying being called the underdog and is looking to show the crowd what he can do and that he has true talent.

How to watch Andrade vs. Namajunas live stream

If you want to watch Namajunas vs. Andrade live streaming you need to buy PPV card then you are able to stream the pay per view fight card.

No matter who wins this fight it should be a good matchup. Andrade is looking to defend his title and Namajunas is looking to show that he is a major competitor in the UFC and he should not be overlooked especially for the tough matches.

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